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 File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0    APROPOS  No. 29   CHRISTMAS                                 2011


Contact details & Editorial Policy -  Inner Front Cover

Dedication and subscription rates                                  

Financial Matters                                                              

Those Discussions                                                               

Christian Order – Advert                                               

Same-Sex Marriage                                                          

Solange Hertz – Advert                                             

Why then are we waiting?                                             

Origins of the New World Order                                 

Lebanon – The Holy Land                                             

Our Lady of Quito - Advert                                           

Fatima – Lessons From Poland                                     

Speaking Truth to Power – advert                             

De Valera and Catholic Ireland                                  

Two Different Humanities                                           

Turkey and the Islamisation of Europe                      

Catholics Too Submissive to Secularism                   

Religion Serving the Revolution                                 

Helping the Truth Along a Little                                

The Altar Rail and Kneeling                                             

Who was Garcia Moreno?                                           

Garcia Moreno - Advert                                              

Favours Granted by Garcia Moreno                          

Our Dead                                                                  

Scipio Africanus and Moral Factors in Warfare                                                       

Don Camillo – A Priest of the Old School                

Unholy Craft : Freemasonry and the Roots of Christophobia    (Advert) 


 File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  APROPOS  No. 28   CHRISTMAS                               2010

Contact details & Editorial Policy            

Dedication and subscription rates                                  

Prophylaxis or Conversion                                              

An Official Criticism of the Council                                      

The Priest – another Christ                                             

John Knox                                                                           

Centenary of the Anti-Modernist Oath                          

What is it, then, to be a Priest?                                       

Subscriptions Subscriptions                                             

Kerr’s Musings                                                                    

Forming Fortitude as if Hope Mattered                         

Newman and Church Authority                                     

Irish Catechesis circa 1825                                               

Vatican II – Inspired by God?                                           

The Flute of  Chang Liang                                                

The Scandal of Maynooth – Again!                                 

Curé d’Ars – Relevant for Today?                                         

Prayer for Priests                                                              

Ninian Winzet                                                                   

Time for a Rottweiler                                                       

Fatima and Immigration                                                            

The Good and the Person                                          

Our Dead                                                                                  

The Church and the Libertarian (Advert)                     

Southwell Books (Advert)                                                

A Much Needed Discussion (Advert) 

Discovering Our Glorious Faith (Advert         


 File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0   APROPOS  No. 27   St Mary Magdalen                     2009

Contact details  – Inner cover                       

Dedication and subscription rates                                  

Editorial Jottings                                                                

  • Subscription appeal                                                 
  • Apologies                                                                   
  • Economic Crisis-Moral Crisis                                  
  • Bishop Williamson Affair                                        
  • Pontificating on Evolution                                      

Kerr’s Musings                                                                          

The 500th Anniversary of John Calvin                             

Editorial Policy                                                                  

The Events of 1968                                                            

Is There a Roman Opposition to the Pope?                   

Disaster Capitalism                                                            

Aristotle at Mont Saint Michel                                         

The Reformation in Scotland                                          

Southwell Books (Advert)                                                

Three Children to Change the World (Advert)           

Elizabeth Garioch                                                              

An Injudicious Adjournment                                                 

The Two Cities                                                                   

Our Dead                                                                    

The Death of Two Catholic Presidents                                

Carmel Books (Advert)

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  APROPOS No.  26  Our Lady of Mount Carmel  2008  (pp 256)

Editorial Jottings

  • Subscription appeal
  • Catechetics
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Conversion and ethics

Motu Proprio - Beginning not End

Vitality of Mammon in the decline of a State

Interpretation of the Bible

Carmel Books (advert)

Vertigo Pinnochioensis

That Good Friday Prayer

Maciej Giertych - Thorn in EU Flesh

St. Boniface

Masonic Europe - Clerical Warning

Liberation of the Mass

Editorial Policy

The Gift of Scripture - A Disappointment

A Century of Modernism

Our Dead

When I Die

John Senior Books (Advert)

Book Reviews:

  • Sacrilege - Sexual Abuse in the Church
  • A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins
  • The Mass of All Time

Question of the Mass


  • Marie Barlow
  • Harry Gallagher
  • Fr. Harry Marchosky

New Coke - New Mass

High Finance and Military Privatisation

Smoke and Mirrors

Southwell Books (advert)

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 25  Published The Holy Innocents - 2006 (256pp)

• Change of Address • Apologies etc
• Commemoration of Hamish Fraser • Adoption Rights for Homosexuals

Catholicism Corrected by the Synagogue
An Awful Prayer
Charles Smith RIP
John Edwards RIP
Our Dead
The Vow and the Catholic Family
A Purposeful Elite
The First Judgement
And When the Clergy Lose the Faith?
No, I Don't Respect Your Beliefs
The Kingship of Christ 1925-75
Edmund Campion - Lessons for the 2Ist Century
Scottish Marriage Care - A Scandal
Editorial Policy
Danger Unfenced Mineshafts
Fatima - Principalities and Powers (Advert)
Manoeuvres Against Traditional Teaching on Sexual Morality
Condom Safety - an oxymoron

Book Reviews:

• Evolution and Other Fairy Tales • The Passion of the Church

Integral Humanism and Education
Tree-Hugging From a Revolutionary Perspective
New Year Holy Resolutions

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0   Issue 24 - Published St Andrews Day 2005 (216)

SSPX Reconciliation
On contraception and Sundry Matters
Are the European Bishops Excommunicated
Henry VIII's Missed Opportunity
False Ecumenism
Authenticity of the Gospels
False Dialectics in the Religious Wars We Are In
Four Last Things
Family Communication
Asking for Bread - Request for Tridentine Mass
Wiesentahl's Legacy
The Blessed Virgin and Ecumenism
Catholic Letters
What to do About Cohabitation
Margaret Stewart RIP
Sword of the Prophet
World Youth Day

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 23 - Published Christmas 2004 (216pp)

Buttiglione Affair
Praying with Non-Catholics
Catholic Strategic Response to "Undo 1492"

Kerr's Musings:
• Axis of Evel Knieval
• Byzantine Rite and ARCIC
• St Henry - Patron of Filioquacity

Mel Gibson's The Passion Revisited
Spanish Chickens Come Home to Roost
Scotland the Barren
Arrivederci Padre Pio
How Do I Start the First Saturdays

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 22 - Published   Lent 2004 (214pp)

Elementary Guide to Freemasonry

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 21 - Published 28th March 2003 - (208pp)

American Imperialism
Ecology and Globalism
Reflections on the Manipulation of Language
Genesis of the Cultural Revolution - The Frankfurt School
The Preliminary Battle - Strategy for Restoration
Setting Limits to New Weapons of War and Sophistry
Note on the Ordinary Magisterium of the Church

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 19/20:

Small Screen- Great Danger (Dangers of television)
Medjugorje - Gift or Delusion
The New Mass 30 years on
St Joan of Arc
Islamism - Europe and the USA
Iona & Disunity
Max Thurian
Study - Fundamentals of Democracy

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 18:

Secret of La Salette
Cardinal Congar
Perestroika - Gramsci's Strategy
Fr Calmel
E Pluribus Unum Sint
Ecumenism - A Disaster
Manufacturing Babies
Delusions of Freedom

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 17:

The Natural Law

Rudiments of the Natural Law
Infant Homicides Through Contraception
Genocide in Rwanda - France and the Church
Peter's Politics
Religion of the Pharisees
Synod on the Religious Life
Crossing the Threshold of Faith
Cardinal Winning
Dangerous Wares of Chastity Industry
Europe and Bioethics

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 16:

Rome and Israel 1965-1993
God Save South Africa
Publicly Acknowledging Christ
Ecclesiology and Ecumenism
Veritatis Splendor - French and American Views
French Legislation on Bio-ethics
Practical Norms for Modesty
Scottish Justice and Peace Commission

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 15:

Chartres - Foundation of the Restoration

Victor Kulanday RIP

Jim Stewart RIP

The Irreconcilables

Feed my Lambs - Feed My Sheep

THe Return of Solzhenitsyn

Naturalistic Humanism

Cardinal Gray RIP

That France, that Christendom may continue

Ecclesia Dei - Has it a Future?

The Ecology Scam

Sex Education in Schools

Global Warming - Fashion not Science


The Turin Shroud - The Real Questions

Yoga and Zen - Philosophies of Despair

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 10:

Critique of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 9:

Rome's Secret Accord with Jewish Leaders

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0  Issue 3:

Fatima - A Sign in the Heavens



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