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Please note that Apropos ceased publication with issue No. 30-31 February 2013. We regret therefore that we cannot accept any further subscriptions. We hope, however, to maintain the Apropos website and to post material there from time to time. Back copies of the more recent issues of Apropos may be available and should you wish a copy or copies, please send your request to us at apropos@btopenworld.com and we can advise you of the likely cost including postage. Because of recent postage price increases, it is likely that most of the cost of back copies will comprise the postage element.
In the immediate period following cessation of publication we ask current subscribers not to make any donations towards Apropos as we will feel obliged to return these. We are truly thankful for the generosity of our subscribers and benefactors and do not wish to cause any offence by returning such donations which have been given so graciously.  


Should you wish to make a donation towards the website or in respect of any material you have downloaded from it, please feel free to donate by clicking on the button below.


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